Segregated Blogs or All-In-One Blog

I am really struggling with something here… Most folks who have blogs, I would argue have varied interests. The question that then comes up is the following. Do you have a separate blog for each of your different interests or do you simply have one blog and combine all your interests in that blog? In my case, I have quite a number of interests including music, photography, martial arts, tech & business news and development. The problem is that trying to separate each of these interests into separate blogs simply means that I have that many extra posts I need to write if I am going to keep each blog updated at a reasonable rate.

Then the other question that I ask does it even make sense to to mix posts that are totally different subject matter in the same blog? For example a blog that has postings about MySQL development and also Murcof’s latest release. Will those interested in MySQL development take that particular blog seriously when the blog also contains information about the latest minimalist electronica releases…

Well I have been thinking about this and it finally dawned on me that I am in some ways getting away from the initial reason a started blogging in the first place. All I wanted was a place to express my personal (but not private) thoughts… and if this is the case, then who really cares whether folks come to my blog because they expect to hear from a SME… I think the main thing is that I will simply do posts about the things that I find to be interesting to me and hopefully someone else out there may find my posts, if not useful, maybe they’ll find them interesting…

I’ll see how long this lasts or maybe I might decide that I want to separate my content again… we’ll see… I need to go to bed in the next few minutes since its getting late and I’m tired… I’ve done the additional content imports I wanted… its all done now…

3 thoughts on “Segregated Blogs or All-In-One Blog

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  1. I would segment the blogs along what could be as personal topics: music, photography etc. – and brand that blog as a personal interests blog or something.

    Then have a separate blog for your programming interests.

    People usually blog their true passions. And many people only have a few true passions – the rest are interesting to them but not enough to make them sit down and write for 2 hours or something like that.

    I just comment on other people’s blogs on my secondary interests and blog about my primary interests.

  2. I think you should just write about those things you find interesting. If it’s more of a hassle to maintain separate spaces, I rarely find it a crime when I go to a blog mainly for one subject and run across a different topic on any given day. I don’t have to read it; even if it was on the original topic, i may not read it anyway.

    When people deviate from their main subject, I generally appreciate the extra depth I find. The things I’m passionate about wax/wane frequently anyway. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the feedback folks… as I have been thinking about this, I think I am leaning towards Rachel’s suggestion…. and just write whatever on a single blog. I like the idea that I can mix up the content rather than having a single subject. I mean how knows, 10 years from now I can look back and see how much my blog has changed rather than looking back and seeing that I haven’t updated a couple of my blogs because I was no longer passionate about that particular topic…

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