Fremont Coffee Co: Jitters Downstairs, Relaxation Upstairs

I had a few minutes to spare before my appointment in the Fremont area so I thought it would be nice to grab a latte at the Fremont Coffee Company coffeehouse aka FCC. The place is rather interesting in that it is basically a two-story house that has been sub-divided such that two floors house separate businesses.

The ground floor of the building is the actual coffeehouse. There are a number of different rooms that make is possible to one to seclude themselves from the majority of the patrons and work ‘privately’ The rooms are arrayed with all sorts of seating arrangements including regular table and chairs, bar tools and counter and sofas. The up-stairs area is rented out to licensed massage therapists who are open and run hours roughly the same as the coffeehouse. The great thing about this is that now you can get your fill of espresso downstairs, once the jitters hit, you can then head on upstairs (well its all by appointment) to relax with a soothing massage.

I don’t often get over to Fremont much and often when I do I have already have my daily latte but I think FCC is a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee and free wireless… well, free with purchase anyway.

FCC actually serves beans roasted from Lighthouse Coffee Roasters who happen to be located a few blocks up from FCC on North 43rd Street, on the way to Ballard. The Lighthouse blend they use for their latte is rather interesting because when I asked the barista, what blend they used for their espresso, he replied, “well this is the Espresso Blend.” So I looked at him like he was trying to belittle me and told him, “yes I know that this is your espresso blend, but what is the name of the blend use for making your espresso?” It took a new minutes of going back and forth before I realized that the name of the blend that Lighthouse roast for espresso drinks is actually called, “Espresso Blend”.

And it turns out that the Espresso blend is actually pretty good. I believe it is a medium roast and pretty decent. And I find that in general, I do enjoy Lighthouse Roasters’ blends… I think they do a decent job.

The other interested aspect of the place is that they also sell all sorts of sodas. I mean they have a relatively large shelf that is stocked will tons (well maybe not tons, but certainly lots) of different types and brands of soda. Most of these sodas I have never even heard of them, but non are your ordinary everyday sodas we normally see at your local supermarket.

The one sad thing is that the day I was there, the barista got the news that his dog died. Now I don’t know if the dog had been sick for a while or anything like that, but it was pretty tough on him since it was obvious that he loved the dog. That night they closed early since he was unable to find someone on such short notice to take over his shift… Next time I am there, if he is working that shift, I will have to ask him how he’s doing…

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