Monkey’s Month of Mixed Blessings

Monkey Bee

Hey there, its me.. the dub Monkey. Right now I am feeling pretty low… sick… I have been battling this cold since last week, and while for a moment there it looked like it was going away, it has come back with a vengeance and is now hanging out. What I really hate about colds is not the stuffy nose, annoying as that can be… it is the throat thinggie. Especially when no matter how much you try to clear it, you just cant quite get to it. What is even worse is when you are at work and people around you have to listen to you clearing your throat every 5 minutes. If it wasn’t me that was trying to clear my throat, that would be enough to drive me absolutely nuts!

On the up side, I had some good news at work on Friday… got a little promotion so that was good considering that with the current economic situation, my company has a freeze on merit pay. Since I don’t normally like to talk about work on my blog, I’ll leave it at that…

On the music side, I have been playing around with Last.FM much more lately. I love that site because its been a great way for me to discover new artists that I wouldn’t normally have been exposed to. A couple of artists that I recently discovered, though they have been around for a while, are Murcof, MoShang, Arovane, World’s End Girlfriend and Apparat just to name a few.

And finally, how can I forget Monkey Bee, my favorite track from the Monkey Journey to the West album by Monkey, who is Jamie Hewlett, the visual mastermind behind the animated group, Gorillaz. Journey to the West is also one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature and I understand kids learn the story growing up and are pretty familiar with it, but I can’t wait for the opera, also by Jamie Hewlett which should be coming out soon. Check out the linked wiki page to more details on this story…

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