Alimento in the Bay of Plenty

Our guest blogger Tina is German but lives and works in New Zealand. She enjoys the coffee culture in New Zealand and is sending posts of her espresso sojourn


There are a lot of cafes in the Bay of Plenty that I like for a number of different reasons. But if I had to pick one, I’d probably name Alimento in Tauranga as my overall favorite. It is located centrally, they serve good coffee and lovely food, play nice music and the staff is always friendly. The latter by the way is something not hard to find in this corner of the world.

The interior is just the way it should be, with brown wooden furniture, walls in black and white, and a beautiful original stone floor. Looking around, you can find red bits and pieces in every corner, from round lamps to old scooters. The central piece in the store is the massive, bright red coffee machine, where they brew flat whites, lattes, short and long blacks with beans from Coffee Supreme, a Wellington-based roaster.

As with most cafes in New Zealand, you make up your mind from a huge chalkboard, order and pay at the counter and get a number to display at your table. Breakfast is served until 2pm, and includes all-time favorites such as eggs on toast, bagels, pancakes and muesli. There are fresh salads, wraps and pasta for lunch. Sweet goodies include homemade lemon tart, raspberry muffins and little orange almond cakes.

The only downside may be its location opposite a grey parking garage. But sitting in the courtyard under the century-old karaka tree with the sun shining and the seagulls calling, one can easily forget the garage, as well as any worries of the day.

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