Of Motore Coffee, Vespas Scooters and Helmets


One of the unfortunate things about Motore Coffee is that its location. Well, let me rephrase that. Motore Coffee has a location that is great for many who work down-town in the Denny triangle, unfortunately, that is really not that convenient for me. This is simply because I don’t normally hang out in the Denny Triangle area of down-town Seattle and so even if I wanted to stop in to get a quick drink, finding parking is a whole other story. I find that I like the place and the interior design but I haven’t really found the time where I can actually go to the place, to sit down and just savour the environment over a nice latte.

On of the things I found particularly interesting about the place was the interior deco. The place looked like an ode to the Vespa even down to the six, classic scooter helmets on the wall behind the baristas, each with a letter in red, spelling out the name, ‘Motore’. This rather intrigued me so I decided to poke around and find out why the Vespa decor. Now normally I would talk to the baristas about this, but since all the times I have gone there, have been during the morning rush and its hard trying to engage the barista in chit-chat while other customers were waiting…

But I was still able to go onto the internet and find some interesting details behind the décor The inspiration for the interior design came from the Vespa scooter culture which from what I have observed is actually pretty big here in Seattle. The interior features a modern, industrial style with reminders of the scootering (is that really a word?) community all over the place. This includes a how of helmets on the wall behind the espresso machine/counter and a really awesome Vespa on a little raised platform right by the front entrance. And all this makes sense when you realize that the owner of the place just happens to be pretty big into the whole Vespa scooter thing.

The coffee I have got from the place has been pretty decent coffee. Motore Coffee does serve Cafe Vita’s Cafe Del Sol blend for the espresso coffee. I am not sure what they have for drip. I do like that the baristas I have meet there have all been pretty friendly and welcoming. And this is a place I would go back to every so often if it wasn’t out of the way for me.

The one thing that intrigues me about the interior and the design is whether they do actually have a decent following from the Vespa crowd being that Seattle does have a really decent sized Vespas community.. that would be interesting to find out… especially since I’d still think that parking would be an issue 😦

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