Welcome 2009, and One World Economy?

2009 is here. And as always, tons of folks around the world celebrate the new year with the obligatory new year resolutions… you know what I mean, be nice to your neighbors, world peace and all that. And I remember how I used to be optimistic back in the day… but I have lived long enough to know that… ok maybe I should say to surmise that things will probably not go so great for billions of people around the world.

Clearly, there are those whom as we speak, live under the curse of strife and conflict, poverty, disease and other sorts of calamities and tragedies. At the same time here in the west, folks tend to look optimistically towards the new year thinking that things will be better. But this year, it almost feels like we are entering new and uncharted territory. For one, the threat of global terrorism seems to be growing rather than subsiding. But the biggest story of 2008 clearly was the global financial crisis. The story not being that there is a global economic and financial crisis, but that some of the leaders in areas of power and influence are starting to talk more openly about having a more international or global regulatory system as opposed to the current system of regulation where each of the nation states define and implement their own rules and regulations.

I personally find this rather interesting because I have been wondering how in the one world economic system as described in the New Testament book of Revelation and it makes me wonder if this is the sort of event that can indeed usher in this one world economy. One thing for sure is that there is a lot of nationalism around the world. There are plenty of countries that are doing relatively well and as a result may be reluctant to join a global, single currency economy because they may have to help bail out countries that would gladly join simply because of their own dire economies. And there are those countries that are simply not going to give up their sovereignty due to political, class, racial or even religious reasons and so even though I truly believe we will have such a system sometime in the future, I just don’t know how it will come about…

Let me say that I cannot tell the future or what the future holds, so I don’t know that will happen… yet I hope that 2009 will be a much better year for everyone than 2008 was… so let me at least wish you all a blessed and happy new year!

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