Rounding Out 2008 with Neptune Coffee


Neptune Coffee is the last coffee shop I visited in 2008… I discovered Neptune Coffee for the first time actually just a couple of days ago. Even though this coffee shop has been around for about a year or so in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle but I only discovered it by chance… I was actually on my way to Diva Espresso when I drove by this shop and decided to stop there instead. And I’m glad I did.

The barista who I spoke to was really nice and friendly. We talked about about the place and the owners, Dan and his wife, and also of Stumptown coffee which they serve. And you guessed it, they use the Hairbender blend for their espresso drinks. But what I really liked about the barista was that she had no problem with me taking pictures in the place. Sometimes you’ll get the uptight or freaked out barista who will not appreciate you taking pictures because “the owner might be upset” or “you might be trying to get ideas for your own coffee shop”. This is something I have never understood why some are so uptight about taking pictures, but I suppose to each their own…

All in all, even though I was in a hurry and I couldn’t really hangout, I thought the place was decent and the atmosphere was friendly. My latte was decent though it could have been a tad stronger…. but that is also what you get when you have been making your own really strong espresso drinks at home… I think that in addition to good coffee, the friendly baristas will always make for a good experience… and any slight flaws in the service. Neptune coffee was certainly a nice way for me to round out 2008, and now I look forward to going back there sometime when I happen to be in the area… oh and after checking out Espresso Diva which is just two blocks south on the same street.

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