Life’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs


I have been listening to Henryk Górecki‘s beautiful minimalist Symphony No. 3, Op. 36., which is also commonly known as the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. There are three ‘tracks’ or movements on this symphony. The first is about Mary the mother of Jesus Christ mourning for her son, the second is about a message (or lament) written on a wall in a Gestapo cell by a young Polish girl and the third is a Silesian folk song about a mother who has lost her son to the war. These songs, though beautiful, are really sad and really express the anguish felt by the three ladies. What is interesting to me is that as you listen to the sad, sad voice of the singer who really does a great job of expressing the sadness and the anguish of the three women.

As you listen to this music, you start thinking about the world today and realize that the world has not changed much at all. With all the crap that’s going on around the world, all the cries of “Never Again!”, all the hand wringing and crocodile tears, I personally think the world is getting worse. All over the world and especially in Africa, women are singing their own symphony of sorrowful songs with tragedies that are recurring on a daily basis.

All this makes me really wonder, where is the world really headed and does the world even really care where it’s headed?

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