Faire Gallery Cafe for Coffee, Art and More…


I checked out Faire [Gallery] Cafe when it first opened. This was quite a while back and quite honestly I didn’t quite remember what the latte experience was like and I knew that if I was going to add a post about the place, I would have to go back and try another latte… And so I did just that a couple of days ago..

Before I get into the details, I must say that many a time, especially in the evenings after work or at night, I have driven by the place on my way home and seen the place completely packed! Not just people sitting down to coffee and treats, but people listening to live music, poetry readings or other performances. The remarkable thing about this is that Faire Gallery Café is actually a relatively small place. What helps though is there is upstairs seating although the upstairs does not span the whole floor space, rather it semi-circles three sides of the wall. What I mean by that is the people sitting upstairs can look below and see everything going on, on the main floor.

Jessica, the owner of the place seems to have some sort of French connection or affinity and even the name of the place, Faire is a french verb meaning “to make.” On their MySpace page, she indicates that her hometown is Paris. That I thought was rather interesting was that they don’t serve French coffee, rather, they serve Italian coffee i.e. Caffe Umbria but then I was pretty happy with that since Caffe Umbira is one of my favorite coffee roasting companies.

So that is what I ordered… a double tall latte. Now to be honest once again, I really did not like my latte as I would have thought I would considering it was Caffe Umbria. That I found out though was that Faire uses the Arco Etrusco blend which is a dark roast. I can’t quite tell if it was the dark roast itself or whether it was simply the barista who made a latte what wasn’t really memorable to me. I do know one thing for sure, if that is typical of their lattes, I’d rather walk a further one block south to Bauhaus Books and Coffee where I know I will get a great latte

One thing I have to say about Faire is that I have heard great things about their service and their food, especially their salads. I thought the barista was really nice to me and she even had no objection with me taking pictures in the place… as long as she was not in the picture… I would certainly frequent the place for try out their other eats and enjoy the arts… just not for the coffee though.

Before I end this post, here’s a little trivia for you coffee and/or Italian lovers… the Arco Etruscio is the name of the famous arched entry to the Umbrian town of Perugia and is also the official logo for Caffe Umbria.

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