Getting a Great Eggnog Latte

Eggnog Latte

Being that I didn’t really grow up with eggnog, I never really though much about it, nor desired to taste it for that matter. The stuff looked way too rich, yellow and creamy and a little nauseating and I just couldn’t imagine drinking it. And it wasn’t till a couple of years back that I finally decided to try it… and to my surprise, I actually liked it. Don’t ask me why I decided to try it, I think it may have been the spot of rum that gave it the great flavor.

Now, eggnog has become one of my favorite Christmas ‘traditions’ or indulgences if you will… I do enjoy a glass of virgin eggnog once in a while. But that comes with a huge caveat… not all eggnog is made equal… Clearly some eggnog out there, for example the Smith Brothers Farms makes some really tasty eggnog… However, my clear favorite eggnog is that by Organic Valley family of farms. I could drink their eggnog all day… which would certainly not be good for my weight…

And this is also the time when coffee shops and coffeehouses all across the country start offering their eggnog lattes and the like and after having had a great eggnog latte last year (I forget where I ordered the latte) I was looking forward to sampling eggnog lattes over this Christmas holiday season. Thus far, I have sampled eggnog lattes at three or four different coffee shops and to be honest with you, I have yet to find a place where the eggnog lattes are simply delicious. I noticed that the eggnog lattes seem of have an additional, odd and bitter taste/after taste that makes the overall drink experience less enjoyable. The best that I have found so far was the eggnog latte I was served at Arosa (Waffles) Cafe. Part of the reason that their eggnog was better than that of the other coffee shops was because they used the Smith Brothers Farms eggnog. I have noticed that many coffee shops seemed to like the Darigold’s eggnog…. regardless, I have not been wowed by any of the eggnog lattes I have been drinking.

As I was thinking about this, I felt that one of the reasons for the lattes not being so great could have been because the latte was made using too much eggnog. Instead of using pure eggnog and espresso, what if the eggnog was cut or ‘diluted’ with milk? I decided that I would experiment a little. Now on weekend mornings I tend to make my own homemade lattes and today I was going to make my own eggnog latte. But instead of using pure eggnog, I used 2/3th eggnog and 1/3th whole milk. As you can probably guess, I used Organic Valley’s eggnog and also Organic Valley’s whole milk. So I got my Cafe Vita’s Cafe Del Sol beans, ground them pretty fine (so I can get a really strong brew) and pulled the espresso with my really, really old but still working great Krups steam espresso machine. While the espresso was being pulled, I passed the steam through my eggnog and whole milk mixture and got it to my preferred temperature. Once that was ready, I poured my espresso shots into my coffee mug and poured the eggnog milk into the cup. A little sip to taste, a little sugar to taste and I as ready…

And it was just as I thought. My latte was actually pretty good! There was still the slight odd & bitter taste flavor that I mentioned above but other than that, the latte was great. My lesson learned here is that an eggnog latte should not be made from pure eggnog, but should be a mixture of eggnog and milk. The only thing here is to make sure that you have the right i.e good quality eggnog and proper whole milk and to figure out the right proportion of eggnog : whole milk. I started off with 2 : 1 proportion but I think next time I will try the 1:1 ratio. I think this will work perfectly for me.

My goal now is then to go back to Arosa and ask them to do the 1:1 ratio and see how that makes a difference … should be good…

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