Café Dharwin, the Neighborhood Coffeehouse

dharwin cafe

Sometimes when I am on my way to the Eastlake/Wallingford/University District area I will take a certain back route that takes me right past Café Dharwin. This place, located at the Extreme North end of Capitol Hill, somewhat in the Roanoke neighborhood initially attracted my attention because of the name, Dharwin… and this being Seattle, that little city that know not God, I wondered if the owner was trying to make a statement about evolution or something to the effect. So I made it a point to drop by sometime for a latte and see if I could chat with them about the place.

So my first impression of the place when I stepped in what that it was really tiny… but cozy. Since the windows face west and I was there in the afternoon, the place felt warm with lots of great lighting. Perfect for a place like Seattle…

My latte was made for me by Dharmindra the owner. Dharmindra has been in the coffee business for at least seven years and has owned this cafe since 2004. He used to have a partner, I forget the partner’s name but now he is the sole owner. Of course I was itching to ask him about the origins of the name of the cafe. Apparently the name Dharwin came about from the combination of his and his former business partner’s last names i.e Dhar + Win so they weren’t trying to put forth a message of any sort… but what he is trying to put forth is great coffee.

Dharmindra uses Cafe Vita beans… as do a lot of the other places that use Cafe Vita, he brews his espressos using the Cafe Del Sol blend of Cafe Vita coffee beans. He told me that he has been a customer of Cafe Vita for years and he really likes their beans. The latte he made me was pretty decent. It was a good strong cup and good flavor… I really would have liked to have sat down and taken my time to enjoy the sun, the patrons and the cozy atmosphere but I was on my way back from the client site to the office. But my verdict is I would certainly go back and get a latte from there is I was in the area… and relax a bit at the cafe…

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