Tony’s Coffee at Madison Market

The first time I drank a latte that I knew had been brewed with Tony’s Coffee beans, I was rather disappointed. I ordered the drink from a latte stand called Buzz Stop which is just down the street from Madison Market. The second time I ordered a latte with Tony’s Coffee, again I was disappointed and I started thinking that Tony’s Coffee must be not so great coffee.

But the funny thing about this is that I actually all this time I have been drinking Tony’s Coffee for quite a while… and really enjoying it… I just didn’t know that I was drinking Tony’s Coffee. Not until I started blogging about coffee on a regular basis, did I actually find out that Madison Market, a place that I enjoy getting a latte every so often, serves Tony’s Coffee. The irony here being that the coffee stand that served me my bad latte is just down the hill from Madison Market.

This experience, in addition to that I had in Victoria BC where I wasn’t really happy with my latte that happened to have been made with Intelligentsia Coffee beans really made to think more closely about the additional elements of a good latte.. that being not just the beans, but the process, the ingredients (i.e. milk) and also the barista who puts it all together to a hopefully unbelievable experience.

I just happened to have gone shopping at Madison today and I stopped by the espresso counter to chat with the baristas and find out a little more about the blends of Tony’s Coffee that they use for their espresso. What the barista told me was that over the summer they had been using the French Royale blend but they later switched to the Café Carmelita blend which is a medium roast. I guess the French Royale was a little too dark for some of the folks out there.

I plan to venture back to the Buzz Stop and Monkey Grind Espresso Bar, try out their coffee again and see if there has been any improvement… and also what blend they use. I really do suspect that the baristas who served me at the time I happened to place my order were not really good baristas. Hopefully my experience this time will be much better…

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