The TASTE Café at SAAM

taste cafe

The Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) up on Capital Hill by Volunteer Park runs a little ‘cafe’ that includes a little espresso cart that reminds me of the days when I first got into the latte habit. It reminds me of the time some years back when my friend was a barista working also at an espresso cart and made me a free latte… and got me forever hooked! Thanks Penny! 🙂 Oh and here’s a little trivia for those of you into martial arts, you will recognize the name Volunteer Park as the place where the martial art legend Bruce Lee was buried.

This little cafe, known as The TASTE Café straddles the North and South wings of the museum… and as one would expect, does have some interesting stone art pieces sitting on the shelves and one can admire while drinking their espresso and enjoying their treats.

It has actually taken me quite a while to actually find myself at SAAM when the TASTE Café was open because they have really short operating hours, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Wednesday to Sunday. I often like to head on out to Volunteer Park to do some photography but most of the times I would go there this past summer, the cafe was already closed. So imagine my delight when I just happened to be there at the right time and I could finally sample the coffee there.

The barista was really nice and let me take a photo of the espresso cart. She too enjoys photography and so we chatted a bit about that and of course coffee. As it turns out, TASTE Café use Torrefazione Italia Coffee beans. They use the Perugia Blend, Perugia being the name of an Italian city, which is their medium roast, full body, rich and smooth blend for espresso. The coffee was actually pretty nice… She made me a nice strong latte that was pretty smooth and despite my hangups about Starbucks, I enjoyed my latte.

I always find it interesting when I find a place that actually uses Torrefazione beans, not because I don’t like the beans (I actually do like them) but because of the whole Starbucks debacle when they bought out Seattle’s Best and proceeded to shut down the Torrefazione coffee shops even though they still sell the beans. You can read my thoughts about that here and also here.

Oh and I forgot to mention, you can also get beer and sake at the cafe too…

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