Wallowing in Mediocrity

The weekend’s is here… after a near disastrous yesterday where I dropped my camera onto the concrete pavement and about 30 minutes later, spilled coffee onto my laptop keyboard and screen I am glad the weekend is at hand. I seemed to have dodged a bullet though. Even though my laptop reeks of coffee, and a couple of the buttons were stuck, everything else seems to be fine. And my camera? Well, the UV filter that I have on my lens shattered but the lens itself and the camera seem to be fine…

But then I started thinking about my attitude of complaining… and I had to step back and remember, that in the bigger scheme of things, this was nothing compared to the trials and tribulations that millions around the world are facing.

Later that Friday, I was listening to Day to Day on KUOW, which is my local NPR affiliate station and Madeleine Brand was interviewing the British comedian Ricky Gervais on his upcoming comedy show. It was interesting to note one of the comments that Ricky made to the effect that the West has essentially become pretty mediocre and self centered. So for example, we don’t get worked up when there are wars, famines, disasters and tragedies going on around the world, yet we get really, really upset when the milkman doesn’t deliver the yogurt. Or here in the US we get upset because the store run out of our favorite brand of milk. We would later call the manager to complain about our milk while in the background on TV there is a news report about some war and civilian casualties or refugees fleeing the war zone.

I think that we in the west have become accustomed to wallowing in mediocrity… we spend excessive amounts of time worrying and complaining about things that in the bigger scheme of things, trivial and irrelevant. So what if we missed our favorite show because we were stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it home on time? That is nothing compared to what these folks in the DR of Congo are going through

It is these kinds of things that make me realize that I really need to be thankful for the blessings that my family and I already have and not trivialize the little things. Yet, I am really distressed and disheartened that the world round us just seems to get worse and worse and I really feel for the women and children who as always tend to bare the brunt of these sorts of events… I pray that the Lord will show his favor on these people…

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  1. Sometimes it seems we are mostly concerned with things that in the bigger scheme of things do not matter. I sit at home fretting about something which at the back of my mind i know is trivial compared to what guys are going through out there. The only thing is to deliberately try and change this in any small way we can.
    Nice post.

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