On the Way with Lemongrass


As the weekend winds down, and I start thinking about the up coming work week, here I sit on the computer, listening to various tracks by Lemongrass. Now in my opinion, Lemongrass is simply one of the most amazing groups that you’ll never hear of in the main media. Thanks to iTunes, I discovered with amazement, Lemongrass’ music sometime last year… and I’ve never looked back.

There are a number of things I love about Lemongrass… the biggest being that their music style is diverse with so many styles. They have released quite a number of albums some of which are ambient to fast mellow and eclectic sounding tracks. To be honest I don’t really know how I can describe their music since they don’t have one particular style, but I would suggest that you check them out on iTunes to listen to some sample tracks… oh by the way, while you are on iTunes, also check out the band called Shrift… another super awesome band.

Lemongrass is actually made up of just one guy, the producer Roland Voss. He lives in the countryside of Northern Germany and has produced over ten albums. Lemongrass also releases music under the name, Jasmon. Based on what he has done as Lemongrass, I am now curious to check out the stuff he has released under the monikor Jasmon…

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