As Stickman Coffee Comes To A Close


Just when I finally decide that I am going to check out Stickman coffee, which has a reputation for serving really excellent coffee, I find out that they are closing today. Bummer!

I discovered Stickman Coffee a few months ago when I was in the Fremont area. I noticed their purple sandwich board sign pointing to an alley and even though I wasn’t thirsty for a latte at that time, I wanted to check out the place and see if it was worth coming back to at a later day. I talked to the barista who was really friendly and invited me to come back for a great latte.

This past Friday I discovered Ink Online Coffeehouse, the place that used to be called Caffe Leito before the current owner bought the place in April this year. It was because of this that I discovered the connection between Dismas Smith, the owner of Stickman Coffee and Borogove Coffee. It turns out that Dismas used to be the master roaster at Zoka Coffee. If you haven’t tried their coffee, you don’t know what you are missing! He left Zoka and joined forces with Tim McCormack at Borogove. Ink Coffee use Borogove Coffee beans.

I was there this past Saturday and talked to the barista about Stickman. He told me that Dismas had recently left Borogove and was roasting his own special Stickman Coffee blend, using the roasting facilities of Seven Coffee Roasters. So Stickman was serving this special roast. This made me even more interested to try out the coffee to see what Dismas could do especially knowing that he was a past winner of the North American Barista Championship (NABC).


I ordered my usual double tall latte plus an additional decaf single tall. They were out of decaf which sounded a little odd but no big deal. My latte was great! I am not sure how I could have described it, but I really enjoyed my latte and I would certainly be coming back for more if it was not for one little glitch. As I was waiting for my order to be made, the barista was also chatting to one of the other customers and he told the guy that the next day, i.e. today (Sunday) was the last day the coffeehouse was open. Come Monday, the shop was closed for good. Apparently Dismas decided that he could not continue running the business and even though he didn’t quite know what Dismas was planning, he speculated that Dismas would probably go back to working for Zoka or one of the other big coffee roasters.

It seems that maybe business was not so great so he was forced to close. In some ways I am not surprised because the location of the shop was in a ‘lobby’ type area of a tiny shopping complex and didn’t really have great visibiliy nor great atmosphere. I have no doubt that if Stickman Coffee was in a better location, they would do extremely well. My other thought is that even if Dismas was to close the shop it would be great if he was able to continue to roast and sell his beans because he has done such an excellent job…

I wish I had gone there more often… and I will certainly miss the potential that Stickman Coffee was…

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