Move Now Or Forever Remain In Pain

As I get older, I find that long periods of inactivity certainly take its toll on my body. This I believe is made worse by the fact that I spend a lot of time on a laptop at work and then on a desktop at home. I have finally came to the realization that I cannot get away with exercising once in a while… my body is sending me plenty of signals that I need to get much more active than I currently am…

With regards to this, even though I go to Jujitsu classes once a week or so, I need to go at least twice a week. I also need to supplement with additional classes… I think yoga. I really like the fact that yoga is really good for helping stretch and strengthening the body… what I don’t like about yoga is the sometimes you get the wacko instructor who takes things a little too seriously and tries to bring in the spiritual aspect of it..

I also need to get back into swimming to help round out the aerobic side of things…

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