… is here. November 4th is just round the corner and everybody is eagerly watching to see who is going to win the election. The polls are indicating that Obama has an excellent chance of becoming the first ‘black’ president of the United States. Now I put the term black in quotes simply because Obama is half black… and half white. This makes one wonder, to be considered white, do you have to be ‘pure’ white? And if you have a drop of any other race then you are considered, not bi-racial (or multi-racial) but the ‘other’ race? But that is a discussion for another day… Some people are already panicking and wondering how things will be once the winner is announced. To be honest, having being born and raised in Kenya, I have seen all sorts of weird politics so I am not too worried of the outcome of the election. What will be interesting to see is whether any legal issues will be raised by the losing party with regards to the final election results.

But something else that is bothering me even more is the current situation in the Congo. There is a huge, huge humanitarian and human rights crisis going on and people do not seem to have noticed… I will be talking more about this shortly

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