I Preferiti di Boriana or Simply Boriana’s Corner

Last fall while I was visiting San Fransisco, I stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. It was there that I discovered Boriana’s Corner, a delightful little stand owned by Boriana S Dimonte. Her products are imported from Montepulciano in Tuscany where she spend quite a bit of her childhood.

The store, of which the sign labels the place as “I Preferiti di Boriana” which can be translated as “Boriana’s favorites” turned out to be one of my favorite little Italian specialty food shops in San Fransisco. Both times I went there, I didn’t really pay too much attention as to where she got her coffee beans from. One thing that I did know was that the lattes there were great… I enjoyed the latte enough and actually bought a couple of pounds of beans that I brought back with me to Seattle.

And so I find it interesting that on this particular website, Boriana’s has been getting really bad reviews for their bombolonis and also their customer service… yet that is not the experience that I had when I was there. The bombolonis that I had were fresh, soft and extremely delicious, and lady who served us was extremely outgoing and friendly and for these reasons we actually went back there a couple of times. I found this blog post which actually mirrors my experience. This makes me wonder if management changed or whether the folks on the website who are complaining are simply grumpy and whiny… I don’t know…

Next time I am in San Fransisco, I will certain pass by there again and see for myself if indeed the place has changed or whether it remains as I remember, a place to hangout and enjoy a great espresso and a bomboloni…

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