Getting Back to Normal

These past couple of weeks have truly been a whirlwind. After having experienced that I think was an pretty adverse reaction to a tetanus shot I took two Fridays ago, it has only been in the last couple of days that I am starting to feel somewhat back to my old self, albeit, I still feel rather tired and a little run down. Part of that is also due to a whacked sleep schedule and just getting back into the swing of things at work having been away for three weeks.

One of the things I was bummed about missing was the martial arts demonstration that was held at the Miller Community Center two Saturdays ago. I remember clearly, that Saturday I was in bed the whole day! The day before I was psyched to go check out the Japanese sword demonstration… I was hoping that it would include Iaido. But when Saturday evening rolled around, I knew I was certainly not going anywhere…

This week, I attended my jujitsu class and did a low key workout. I try to go to yoga once in a while but I think this week I will be taking it easy and trying to fully recover. The only thing that is pressing is the Michael and Stephanie’s wedding rehearsal that’s taking place tomorrow and the wedding itself on Friday…. That should be fun!

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