Joe Bar, Coffee Good

Joe Bar Coffee Art in Fonte Cup

Joe Bar is this small, almost quaint little place that is somewhat across the street from the Harvard Exit Theatre… this is on the north end of Broadway on Capital Hill… I tend drive by it a lot since it is the easiest route for me to take when I am headed down to South Lake Union, Eastlake or even Queen Ann. I have only been there three or four times, not because they have bad coffee, but because of the parking situation. Sometimes you’re in luck and can get great parking, sometimes you may have to park a little further out.

Regardless, Joe Bar is actually pretty popular with its regulars. You will always find folks sitting indoors enjoying their coffee and other goodies… and certainly when its sunny, seated outside in the shaded, tree lined narrow sidewalk enjoying the company and the view. Thus you know they probably do have good eats in there. Checking out Yelp, I find that the general consensus is that the coffee and the food is excellent and the baristas are great! I couldn’t agree more… at least on the coffee and the baristas… I haven’t tried the food yet.

Now since I hadn’t been there for a while, I decided it was about time that I stopped by and got a latte. I was pleasantly surprised to note that they actually used Fonte coffee beans for their espresso. But what was even more interesting to me was that in the glass counter case, they had for sale, Dancing Goats coffee from Bartdof & Bronson Coffee Roasters. I just think that Dancing Goats is a brilliant name for a coffee bean roast. I also noticed that they had in the case Sol Colibri Fair Trade coffee beans which he told me is what they use for their drip coffee.

And what about my drink? All in all, I really enjoyed my latte. I thought the barista made me a good latte… and it was nice to be able to compare his with some of the other places that also serve Fonte. I think his was certainly much better than the Chez Dominique… although Chez is not bad actually.

The barista was pretty friendly and when I told him I didn’t know much about the place even though I was on their website and so he volunteered to tell me a little about their history and background. Well my understanding is that the place was founded by a couple, JoAnne and Michael (I hope I am spelling the names right)… and that is how the name Joe Bar came about as it was a play on JoAnne’s name and the fact that they also sell alcohol too so you have a coffee/alcohol bar. Eventually JoAnne and Michael sold the place to Wylie whom from what I gather, 1. used to work there, 2. apparently plenty of ladies think he’s hot… ok the barista didn’t tell me that, but check out this entry on

I will certainly be going back… I really want to try out the crepes that I am hearing so much about too..

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