Top Pot for Good Coffee and Exceptional Doughnuts

Top Pot Coffee and Box of Doughnuts
Top Pot Coffee and Box of Doughnuts

This past Saturday morning, I had just woken up and was lying in bed and watching The Travel Channel. They had on a show called Donut Paradise which was basically about the best doughnuts in the US. As expected, their featured doughnut shop in Seattle was Top Pot, which is my favorite Seattle area coffee AND doughnut shop. After spending close to an hour checking out all the different types of doughnuts from the various famous doughnut shops (Voodoo Doughnut in Portland was another pretty interesting doughnut shop) I suddenly had the cravings for Top Pot doughnuts and I thought, maybe today was a good day for donuts!

So I took a quick shower and headed out to the Top Pot store located on Summit Avenue on Capital Hill. Now typically I would go to Top Pot with my wife and I would wait in the car while she popped in to buy doughnuts and coffee to go so even though I had eaten their doughnuts relatively recently, I had not been in the store for quite some time. It certainly felt good to be back at there after an absence of a number of months.

Top Pot have at least five locations in Seattle including one on 5th Avenue, this is the modern stylish location that was featured on the doughnut show and another location on Queen Ann Hill which I have passed by but haven’t been inside yet. Finally, they have a location in Bellevue and another in Wedgwood but I have no idea precisely where these two shops are located. To be honest, even though the newer store s really nice, I actually prefer the look and feel and the ambiance of the original store. I mentioned this to one of the baristas and she agreed with me. The one on Summit Ave really does have a homely, welcoming feel to it. It is small but cozy and comfortable. It is a little darker with softer lighting and I especially love the huge wall to ceiling bookshelves they have on the two side walls running the length of the room.

I ordered my coffee and 5 doughnuts including 2 glazed ring doughnuts, 1 raspberry glazed plain cake doughnut, 1 plain old fashioned doughnut and 1 chocolate icing with peanuts plain cake doughnut. I must say they were all great!

But this being a coffee blog, we must talk about the coffee.

Now I have been drinking Top Pot lattes for some time now but I not really given much thought about it other than I thought that their lattes were not bad at all. So going back every so often was not a big deal. But this time I knew I was going to be talking about it so I had to pay a little more attention to my drink.

What did I think? I liked my latte. I thought they made me a great drink. It had most of what I was looking for, nice strong cup with the ‘softness’ I expect from the whole milk, almost a slightly creamy feel to it without sacrificing the good strong coffee flavor and taste. I thought the flavor and taste was pretty good. I had also known that Top Pot actually roasted their coffee beans which the barista confirmed. And now that I think about it, I should have gotten a bag of beans for home use.

A couple of interesting tidbits about Top Pot I thought I’d share with you. They actually started out as a coffee roaster/shop when one of the founders bought some old doughnut making equipment and as they say, the rest is history. The name Top Pot actually comes from an old sign they had bought that said ‘Topstop’ but apparently the ‘S’ fell on to the freeway and so rather than fix the sign, the founders decided to call the store, Top Pot. That sign is still visible at the store on Summit Ave.

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  1. Hey Andai,

    I almost hate to leave a comment for this, but I can’t find your e-mail addy anywhere on the site.

    It looks like you’re local in Seattle, and I thought I’d extend an invite to the Blog Bling Mixer, a free workshop/gathering of the clan that I’m hosting in Redmond on October 23rd.

    Feel free to ping me for more info, or drop your name in upcoming:

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