Starbucks Shops Bring Comfort To Ike Survivors

As some of you who regularly read my blog will have noticed I will sometimes rag on Starbucks and their coffee. Sometimes the ragging is tongue in cheek, such is the title of my blog which is somehow related to Starbucks… and sometimes the ragging is more straightforward, like when I complain about their bad milky lattes…

Yet, I think Starbucks tries to do good things… sometimes. CNN has a great article on how coffee shops, and more specifically Starbucks stores are bringing some measure of relief and comfort to these affected by the recent hurricane Ike. We here in Seattle certainly appreciate our favorite coffeehouses as a place to enjoy good coffee and good company and sometimes even a place for comfort and healing.

And yes, someone may point out that Starbucks is only open because it is good business… and though I can’t really argue with that point, Starbucks has in the past been open in helpful in times of disaster and catastrophe.

Oh and if you’re wondering how the title is related, rather than me telling you, I’ll just let you figure that one out. If you think you know, please post your answer in the comments…

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