Caffe Migliore, One of Seattle’s Best

Migliore Italian Style Coffee
Migliore Italian Style Coffee, originally uploaded by andai.

I stopped by one of my favorite coffeehouses this morning for my usual morning latte.

I enjoy dropping into Caffe Migliore, usually in the mornings, for a Caffe Umbria Italian roast coffee. And you know what? In my humble opinion, I think Migliore, is one of the top five coffeehouses in the Seattle area, maybe in the Pacific Northwest. And even though that is my personal opinion, I see there are a number of folks who at the very least think that Migliore does indeed serve great espresso.

One thing I really like about the place is the people there are great and the presentation and the service is excellent but not hoity-toity. I do like the fact that when they serve you your latte, even if you are are having it to go, they will still present it to you with a small saucer and a spoon. Now for those of you who put sugar into their coffee like me understand how awesome it is when you can use a proper metal spoon to measure out your sugar and stir it in rather than using those stupid little wooden sticks that always seem to break, or those tiny straws that you can stir and stir and stir… and nothing happens.

And one thing that always amazes me if their speed of service and efficiently. There are a number of places where if I am in a hurry and there more than four to five people in the queue, I don’t even bother to wait around. On the other hand, Migliore will always have long lines in the morning, however, they are really fast and efficient that quite honestly, you’ll barely be inline and you’ll already find yourself placing your order and picking it up relatively quickly.

And besides, even if you really are in a hurry, the lattes there are so good, it worth getting late to your appointment or the office just to get your latte. Quite honestly, the folks at Migliore know how to make a great latte, plain and simple!

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