My Awesome Eureka Coffee Day

Katy’s, originally uploaded by andai.

After yesterday’s enchanting coffee experience I promised myself that I would have to go back to Katy’s Corner Cafe this morning for another good latte. This morning there was a different barista but that was ok by me cause this was a good opportunity to see if having a different barista would make a difference. Although I didn’t have the same earth shattering, enlightening experience, I still thought that the latte was actually pretty good. And unlike yesterday, when I gulped down my latte even before I hit I-5, today I paced myself, taking time to fully enjoy my sips all the way to my client’s office.

Since I had a client meeting at 1:00 and it was already 12:30, I decided rather than do get takeaway, I’d go to Wild Wheat, get a latte to sustain me, then at 2:00 I’d go back to Wild Wheat for lunch. The latte tasted different from the last time I was there, and that I fully expected since Mark Handman, the owner of the bakery and also the master roaster had been telling me how he has been experimenting with different blends and roasting techniques as he continues to build his skills and find that perfect blend. Then, two minutes to meeting time, the participants canceled due to an emergency and so I was now able to go for lunch an hour earlier, Awesome!

I went back to cafe, with my latte in hand. By that time I was only halfway through it and I certainly was not going to throw it away. I ordered their gourmet beef burger which is really tasty and thick. I also like that instead of the regular burger bun, they use some great focaccia bread which they bake right there in their bakery. Mark saw me eating and joined me to chat for a bit, It was great to hear how his roasting was coming along, at the same time he gave me a little history of the place. I really enjoyed my burger and fries, and after I was satisfied I turned to my remaining, lukewarm latte to ‘enjoy’ and finish. This is where my magical eureka moment happened.

I took a nice sip of my latte, and I thought to myself, oh my gosh, my latte tasted different again. In fact, I can now taste some subtle flavors that I had been able to taste before, and not just with this latte but also with just about all other lattes I have been drinking these past few years. I was actually able to taste CHOCOLATE flavor in my latte!

I took a couple more sips and each time I could distinctly taste chocolate! It was like I was eating a chocolate bar, abeit, a rather mild chocolate, but chocolate nonetheless! Now tasting chocolate might mean nothing to most of you, but to me, this has opened up a new world of opportunities and taste experiences. I have always heard the coffee tasters (or whatever your call them) sip various blends and roasts then describe various flavors they taste including berries, earthiness, wood and chocolate. I had never tasted anything like that in the past and so I used to think it was all hogwash. But after today I’ll will certainly bite my tongue when I hear the hoity-toity coffee connoisseurs open their mouths.

This whole thing has now gotten me interested in the art of cupping and coffee tasting… maybe I should take a class or something…

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