Katy’s Coffee Brought Sunshine to My Day

Katy*s Mug
Katy’s Mug, originally uploaded by andai.

This morning, I decided to drop by Katy’s Corner Cafe to get a latte for my commute to work. One of the reasons I decided to drop by Katy’s is because I was a little tired of going to some of the usual near home i.e. Fuel Coffee, Essential Bakery, Stumptown, Arosa, Victrola etc. I wanted to try some place I hadn’t tried before, or a least not tried in quite a while. The other reason, actually the main reason I decided to check out Katy’s was to get one of their coffee cups.

The really amazing thing about their paper coffee cups is that Katy, the owner of the place, personally signs her logo on each and every paper cup, using three different markers on each cup. Personally, I think this personal touch make’s her cups one of the coolest around. The logo is simply her name, Katy*s with the asterisks instead of the apostrophe and a love heart on each side. The name is in black, the asterisk is in yellow and the hearts are in red. I think this is really simple but beautiful design.

The barista who served and pulled my espresso was really nice. When I asked for a double cup, she offered me a sleeve so I had to request for the additional cup as a souvenir. I think she thought I was a little bizarre cause she was laughing at my request. I also noticed the bags of coffee beans from Dillanos Coffee Roasters. I wasn’t quite sure what to think because on one hand, I know that Dillanos makes a special roast for Forza that is actually pretty nice, but at the same time, there is a coffee shop on Madison that uses regular Dillanos roast but the two or three times I’ve been there, I didn’t really enjoy their coffee. I plan on going back to the shop on Madison and trying them one more time, but as you can see I was a little apprehensive wondering how this latte would turn out.

I took my first sip but I wasn’t really sure what to think… then I realized I needed more sugar. Yes for all you purists out there, I must have sugar in my coffee, otherwise I can’t drink the stuff, way too bitter. I added a little more sugar and tasted, ok, that wasn’t too bad, actually that was pretty good. I jumped into my car, and drove a couple of blocks north and made a left on Madison. At the same time I started now drinking my latte. What happened next was unbelievable but totally true, I kid you not. As I was sipping my drink, the coffee was so good I honestly felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. At the same time I felt like the sun coming out from behind the clouds bringing light and warmth. I felt really good! All this emotion came about me as I was enjoying the latte. I knew that I would be going back the next morning, that’s for sure! I am not sure quite how to describe my latte, but as I was looking at the Dillanos web site, I noticed that they describe their roast as “the world’s smoothest coffee” and I thought, “that’s it!” My latte was smooth and perfect. It have enjoyed a number of great lattes, but this one was excellent! I will certainly go back tomorrow and I also hope that the experience will be the same.

I also like the shop. Though it is really tiny, the place is comfortable and cozy. I really do love the big windows that face west and south and bring in lots of light, which is important in Seattle if you know what I mean. All the times I have been there, the baristas have been really nice. And, they do have free wi-fi. For certain I will pass by there tomorrow morning on my way to work, and I also think I need to hang out there more often and just enjoy some relaxation and the neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Katy’s Coffee Brought Sunshine to My Day

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  1. Sounds like you’ve found Latte Paradise! I totally understand where you’re coming from…finding the perfect cup of coffee is such an exciting moment, as they are hard to come by. As for the paper coffee cup, I’m glad you mentioned it. I’d have to agree that it is indeed a great idea…I may keep this in mind as I plan ahead for my own coffee shop 🙂

  2. Hi! Just passing through… I work at Dillanos 🙂 You should definitely come on by sometime for a tour of our roasting facility and a tasting!

    We’re located in Sumner and we’d love to have you…

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