Madison Market Organic Espresso

Madison Market is a great little Natural Food Co-op up on Seattle’s Capital Hill. One of the things I like about this market is that all their food and produce, their meats and dairy etc is organic. And this is one of three main reasons I like to get a latte from here. They use organic milk, organic coffee beans and they even have really great organic sugar that seems sweeter and great cane flavor.

They actually do make nice lattes that are decently strong and have great flavor. I always use whole milk in my lattes and there’s nothing tastier than real organic whole milk. None of that 2%, skim milk or fat free crap for me please! In talking to the barista, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Madison Market actually source their beans from Tony’s Coffee. The reason I was pleased about this was because I have had some not so great lattes made with Tony’s Coffee. This has happened to me in two different coffee shops and I was beginning to wonder whether the problem lay in the beans themselves or the baristas. Now I know that Tony’s Coffee actually does have great beans.

The other reason I like the place is no tipping allowed! That is nice because now I don’t have to feel guilty if I happened to have exact change or gave a miserable tip simply because that is all that I had on me.

If you haven’t been to Madison Market, you need to go check it out. The food and produce is excellent and the people that work there are really awesome. I like being able to combine my grocery shopping with the ability to get a great latte so that I don’t have to high tail it to the nears coffee shop for a cuppa… this is the third reason I like the place.

And I would gladly tip the baristas there if only they allowed me to… 🙂

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