Seattle Center’s Cafe Beignet

Cafe Beignet at the Seattle Center

Cafe Beignet at the Seattle Center , originally uploaded by andai.

This is the three day Memorial Day weekend. For those of you in Seattle, this means that we have Bumbershoot, the annual three day music and arts festival held at the Seattle Center. Since I don’t often come down to the Seattle Center during the year, Bumbershoot give me a great excuse to head on over to Cafe Beignet for a latte and some beignets.

Cafe Beignet is actually located in the food court at the Center House and is really a tiny stand that fits only three barista behind the counter. After you’ve received your order, you can then wander around the Center House and find a place to sit.

The ‘cafe’ uses beans from Bean Collection Company, a Seattle based roasting company. I think their lattes are actually pretty decent, though my wife might disagree with me. The beans have decent flavor and they do make a nice strong latte. What I really like about this place is that even their small i.e. 8 oz size latte order comes as a double. I think this is great especially when I think of some of the places I have been to where even the 12 oz latte comes as a single shot… $0.50 for the additional shot….

Other than Starbucks, Cafe Beignet is the only option for espresso within the Seattle Center. By the way, do not mistake this Cafe Beignet with a number cafes with similar names. There are quite a few with the same name in New Orleans, LA and also in Oregon…

2 thoughts on “Seattle Center’s Cafe Beignet

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  1. The coffee is ok here, but their beignets are the most horrible ones I’ve ever had. They made us sick to our stomachs for 12 hours. Eat at your own risk.

  2. I’m enjoying an Americano from Cafe Beignet here at the Center as we speak, and it’s just fantastic – rich and a nice sharp edge to the flavor. Why anyone would stand in line at the Sbux is beyond me, when there’s this spot just a few yards away (and no lines!)

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