How to Spot a Bad Coffee Shop

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I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a coffee shop, ordered a latte and then quickly realized I just threw away $4.00 including tax, plus tips. Some places simply server awful espresso drinks with great smiles… especially when you tip well. And with the high price of espresso drinks, there is absolutely no reason why I should be frequenting some of these really bad coffee shops and stands out there. Granted, sometimes it will take a bit of time for some of these places to get on their feet, but some I doubt will ever improve.

And for these reasons, I have come up with some six tips to help those of you who want good coffee, avoid the not so great coffee shops. If you go into a coffee shop and you find at least three of the following below, then you know might just be in a bad coffee shop… or you really enjoy bad coffee

  1. They have more syrupy flavors than Baskin-Robins and Ben & Jerry’s combined. Why do you want to adulterate good coffee by adding all sorts of flavors into your drink.
  2. The place smells of people, animals, food, fruity drinks… anything else other than the smell of fresh ground coffee beans. Yep, they are selling just about everything else and it almost seems like the coffee is an afterthought.
  3. No whole milk. You only get to choose skim or fat free. Some places may have half and half and will ‘kindly’ offer to mix the half and half with the 2% to make ‘whole milk’… sigh…
  4. None of the baristas have tattoos, piercings or any kinds of body modifications at all.
  5. Patrons have to pay to access the wifi. Hello? Why do we still have to pay to access wi-fi at coffee shops? If I have my laptop and my latte which costs a small fortune, then the Wi-Fi surcharge needs to part of the final bill. Gimme my Wi-Fi now!
  6. The ‘regulation’ dress code for the ‘baristas’ is a bikini with the option for pasties. Ok, we know that if this is standard dress code of the baristas at your favorite coffee shop, then you’re probably not going for coffee because they make excellent espresso…

I found a couple of sites here that also talks about bad coffee shop experience… and then you get those who like Starbucks too…
There you have it. If you keep a watch for the above six factors, you will be on your way to getting a great espresso drink from that particular coffee shop.

Now what Next time I will give you my tips on how to spot a bad barista who may happen to be working in a great coffee shop

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