Oh Joy! Coffee Myths Debunked, Another Drink Please!

Someone's Latte

Coffee. America’s fourth most consumed beverage and the object of a ritual that is faithfully performed every morning in households, coffeehouses, in offices and in cars all across America.

Drinking tons of the stuff, ‘knowing’ its not great for you but at least it keeps you awake, coffee (and other caffeine laden beverages) has been the ever faithful friend of many a sleep deprived collage student, the overworked, two weeks behind schedule code monkey writing pointers, linked lists and various algorithms.

Coffee has also been the subject of many studies touting its health detriments. But now it turns out that coffee may not bad for you after all. According to this article in the New York Times, which examines six common ‘myths and misconceptions’ finds that although there is some form of truth to many of the beliefs, there are ways to offset the same effects. For example, coffee has been linked to bone loss, however, they find that studies suggest that this bone loss can be offset by adding as little as one to two tablespoons of milk to your consumption. Now you know why I like lattes 😉

Regardless of the supposed health benefits or the dangers of coffee, I would like to suggest that maybe people should not use coffee not as a substitute for a proper meal, but enjoy it as a supplement after a proper and nutritious diet. I know way too many people in the consulting industry and in software development who skip out on meals and basically live on coffee… and that cannot be good for you.

Anyway read the article with a grain of salt and make wise choices concerning your coffee habits!

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