BHC Round 1. Trophy Cupcakes vs. Chocolate Box Part II

Battle Hot Chocolate
Battle Hot Chocolate, originally uploaded by andai.

In an effort to find Seattle’s best hot chocolate offerings, I have embarked on a series of tests that I prefer to more appropriately call, The Battle Hot Chocolate. In the first round of the battles, I will be trying out hot chocolate from the following places

  • Chocolati Chocolate Cafe
  • Trabant Coffee & Chai
  • Dilettante
  • Chocolate Box
  • Trophy Cupcakes
  • B & O Espresso
  • Le Pichet

Some additional places I’ll be checking out are mentioned in this Food and Wine section article in the Seattle Times.

After a false start, the first round of Battle Hot Chocolate is Trophy Cupcakes’ House hot chocolate which beat Chocolate Box’s Chocolate Vitale Hot Chocolate. Well, it turns out the battle wasn’t even close, the clear winner of this round was Trophy Cupcakes.

The difference between the two is pretty stark to say the least. On the one hand, the Vitale Hot Chocolate was extremely chocolaty which means that if you order anything larger than the 8 oz cup, you are simply asking for trouble i.e. you will be requesting for water. The problem though was more in the texture of the drink. The drink to me felt, for lack of better words, gritty. It certainly did not feel smooth or creamy at all. And this is how Trophy Cupcakes House hot chocolate beat Chocolate Box. Not only was the House smooth, sweet and creamy, but it was also simply a pleasure to drink. I really enjoyed drinking my cup of Trophy’s House hot chocolate.

The only downside that I can say is that the drink could have been a little more chocolaty… yet overall in my opinion Trophy’s was the clear winner.

Next up, the battle will be Dilettante’s signature hot chocolate vs. Trabant Coffee & Chai signature hot chocolate

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