Canadian Maple Delights Coffee

Canadian Maple Delights Coffee
Canadian Maple Delights Coffee, originally uploaded by andai.

I happened upon this ‘couple’ in Vancouver’s Gastown district sitting on the street bench drinking coffee. When I asked them where they bought their coffee, they pointed to the Canadian Maple Delights store that was right behind them. I then noticed that they were not really a couple, but co-workers from the Maple Delights store since they were both wearing the same uniform. I wasn’t in the mood for espresso at that time, but I thought I’d pass back later and try them out.

I stopped by later that afternoon to chat with them and try out their coffee. The concept of their offerings is very simple. They have gelato and other sweet treats all sweetened with Maple sugar. In addition, they also have your ordinary everyday espresso selections, some sweetened with Maple sugar. I tried a sample of their gelato and I found it to be way, way too sweet. No way would I want to have gelato there.

I also ordered a latte, which I tasted before I added Maple sugar. Normally I will add raw sugar to my latte and that is how I drink my espresso, but I wasn’t sure if the Maple sugar will greatly influence the taste, hence I had to taste the latte before I added the sweetener.

Overall, to my surprise, I thought my latte was pretty decent. I actually thought it would be worse. I would certainly pop in there for a another if I lived nearby. The main thing I have against the place is that the store did not have the coffee shop feel or ambiance to it and therefore this is not the sort of place I would normally stop by and hang out with a cup of espresso. Yet, I think the sweet treats being the primary focus of the store is why it looks and feel more like a gelato store.

My suggestion is try their coffee if you get the chance and you are on the go… if you are looking for a place to hang-out, try somewhere else like Sciue.

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