‘Sounds like Coffee’ Sounds Good

Sounds Like Coffee Bulletin Board
Sounds Like Coffee Bulletin Board, originally uploaded by andai.

Sounds like Coffee is a small interesting coffee shop I checked out yesterday morning. I had seen the shop a couple of days earlier and had planned to visit the place on my last morning in Victoria.
The first thing I noticed about the place was that the each of the three cup sizes, the tall, the grande and the venti each has a different design stamped onto the cup. I liked the design on the tall size the best which was some alien looking avatar listening to music on headphones.

The service there was great and everyone was pretty friendly. I noticed that a number of the people coming in for their coffee were pretty familiar with the baristas. The barista who made my coffee was from England and had a really cool English accent.

My latte was rather decent, coffee was strong and the roast was ok. I am not sure who roasts their beans and I would be interested in finding out.

Some of the interesting tidbits I found out about the store, the founder and his son trained at Portland’s Bellissimo. I was chatting with the other two baristas who told me about the coffee con they attended last year in Seattle… these baristas obviously love coffee and coffee culture. I think ‘Sounds Like Coffee’ has great potential and will be going places. I have high hopes for this place and next time I am in Victoria, I will have to check them out again…

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