Super Alert and All Caffeined Out

I am sitting here completely alert and buzzing after having drunk more than my daily share of caffeine for the day.

It started out with breakfast where I had, in addition to my breakfast, a good cup of English breakfast tea. From there, my wife and I went downtown Victoria to a Japanese restaurant called Konpira where I drunk some great ocha (or green tea in Japanese). By the way, I have had great sushi in all sorts of places including great restaurants in Seattle WA, Vancouver BC, Tokyo, Kobe and Kochi Japan. I can honestly tell you, Konpira has the freshest and best sushi I have ever had! Anyway, after lunch we then proceeded to Murchies to try out their coffee which I though was rather interesting! From there, we then headed on over to White Heather Tea Room for a great high tea. There I specifically asked for an extra strong pot of their house special blend of breakfast tea. The tea was great and so I proceeded to finish the whole pot. After that, I drove back to downtown Victoria, stopping on the way at a coffee house called Dolce Vita. There I ordered another 12 oz latte. With this on hand, we then did a little drive round the south/southwest part of Victoria before coming back to our bed and breakfast.

Now I am sitting here relaxing… what ever that means in light of the fact that I am completely alert and full of caffeine. Gosh! The things I do for this blog!

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