Salt Spring Coffee Company Stands Out

Salt Spring Coffee Cup
Salt Spring Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

This past Sunday, while I was on my way to Victoria BC I was hanging out at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal waiting for the next ferry to come in so I popped into the Tsawwassen Quay Market complex area. There I discovered Sea Spring Coffee kiosk. The place looked nice enough so of course I had to get my usual.

While I was in line waiting to place my order for a double tall latte, the gentleman ahead of me heard me discussing this coffeehouse and he told us a little about Salt Spring Coffee Company, how great the company was and also a little about the owner whom he knew.

Salt Spring Coffee Roasting Company comes out of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and they are actually pretty progressive. They serve 100% certified fair trade and organic coffee and are pretty active in environmentalism matters. Read more about their activities in their News section on their website.

Anyway, I got my latte, added my usual four packs of sugar and took a couple of sips. I think my latte was not too bad at all. They served a good strong cup and the roast was pretty decent. As I write this post now, I am actually on the Ferry coming back from Victoria and looking back now and comparing to some of the other coffee shops I sampled, I think Salt Spring turns out to be one of my favorites. There were a couple of places in Victoria that served the Salt Spring roast but if you want to check out the actual Salt Spring coffee shop locations, you can find them on their website.

What do I think about Salt Sea in general? I think it’s pretty decent and I would certainly go back and have their coffee again.

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  1. I love Salt Spring Coffee… I buy their Tribal blend from Choices and Spuds. It’s fantastic. Don’t you love the new improvements at the ferry terminal?

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