Serious Coffee in Victoria BC

Serious Coffee Sign
Serious Coffee Sign, originally uploaded by andai.

I stopped by Serious Coffee this morning to get a latte while en route to Butchart Gardens. I remember seeing their sign the night before as we were coming into Victoria BC and at that time I was a little skeptical. My feeling was that a coffee shop with a name like Serious Coffee probably may not have great tasting espresso but since I happened to be driving right past them, I decided why not try them out. Besides, they may actually have some interesting paper cup design.

So I did my usual, ask for a double tall latte, an extra cup and an extra sleeve. What I didn’t do was ask if they use whole milk which is what I prefer in my latte. The other reason why this is important for me is that lattes will taste different when made with whole milk vs 2% vs non-fat. For me, all things being equal, the less fat, the less creamy and the more ‘harder’ the latte tastes.

This is what my latte tasted like, more on the harder side whereas I prefer the creamier taste. I am not sure is it because they didn’t use whole milk, or whether they had a lot of water from the steaming process dilute the milk somewhat. One good thing about the latte though is it was nice strong brew and that I really like.

Overall, I would go back and buy another latte from there even though I still think that they certainly have room for improvement. And the staff were pretty friendly and helpful and that to me is always a big plus.

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