La Madeleine Coffee and French Bistro

La Madeleine Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

I was down in Irving Texas last week and I happened to stumble upon La Madeleine, the French Bakery and Bistro. From the outside, the building looked almost like the German style of architecture you normally associate with Bavaria, but on the inside, the place looks rather homey and rather European with French trimmings and decor all over the place.

I tried a sampling of their offerings from the bakery, the kitchen and also their coffee. I though that their Strawberry Napoleon was much too sweet for my taste and I couldn’t finish it. On the other hand, their “Braised Beef in Red Wine Sauce” was rather rich and very delicious and filling. Finally I can appreciate French cooking.

But enough of that, what about the coffee? Surprisingly, the coffee was actually pretty decent. I probably had 5 or 6 lattes there over the week.

One thing I thought was interesting was that they only have two sizes, regular (12 oz single shot) and large (16 oz double shot). If you ask for a regular size but double shot, that totally throws off the servers… I kid you not! They are not quite sure what you want and so you have to explain in detail that you simply want a double shot of espresso in a 12 oz cup. One of the ladies commented on how I really must like my coffee strong.

All in all, I enjoyed their entrees and coffee and the servers were really nice and friendly. I would certainly go back anytime for more…

Oh and one other thing, they have free Wi-Fi with great bandwidth…

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