Grand Central Bakery Coffee Cup

Grand Central Bakery Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

A couple of weeks back, went down to the Grand Central Bakery store located on Eastlake for a latte and lunch. What did I have for lunch? It was the Spring Chicken sandwich consisting of chicken breast, diced and tossed
with fresh herbs, local asparagus, mayonnaise, and lemon juice,served with fresh lettuce on Campagnolo, their eight-grain wheat bread (yes I got the ingredients right off their menu. The sandwich was ok, but I am now thinking I could have tried something else like their Italian Grinder or their classic egg salad sandwich.

What I really wanted to try was their latte. The latte wasn’t bad…. but it wasn’t super memorable either. I would certainly buy a latte there but I wouldn’t write home about it… well maybe I’ll write a blog posting on it 😉

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  1. Ah…thank you for uploading this pic 😀 This is totally random but I was just watching TV series Grimm s01e22 and saw characters there drinking Grand Central take-away coffee and I just had to know if it was real or not 😀 And thanks to this picture i got an answer.

    1. How random! Glad to hear that. I will have to check out the episode and see what the cups looked like. Did that episode take place in Seattle?

    2. No, it was in Portland. And the cup makes it´s appearance right in the first minutes of the episode 🙂

    3. What a coincidence. I got here just because Grimm too. Here in Brazil we watched this episode today. Nick was drinking inside his ant’s trailer with his friend.

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