Kells, The Irish Restaurant

Kells, The Irish Restaurant, originally uploaded by andai.

Kells, the Irish restaurant down in Post Alley at Pike Place Market is a pretty nice pubby restaurant… actually I don’t really know why they don’t just call it a pub. Anyway they have a nice darkish atmosphere that like… well… a pub but the one thing I really like about this place is that they have great sausage rolls.

Now their sausage rolls don’t compare to the Oven Door Bakery that I used to go to in Westlands (a suburb of Nairobi) but they are still pretty good… and a pretty good size! These are interesting too in that they come with a nice rich gravy. The downside is they are not quite large enough to fill you completely busting to the seams, but are large enough that if you did order a second one, you probably would not be able to finish it.

I highly recommend the place though…

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