The Cherry Street Coffee House

Cherry Street Coffee House, originally uploaded by andai.

Although I had known about and once been to the Cherry Street Coffee House up in the Belltown section on 1st Avenue, it wasn’t until recently that I actually really tried their coffee at their other store, also on 1st avenue but a couple of blocks south of the Seattle Art Meuseum.

Overall I’d say that their cofffee is actually pretty decent even though they don’t have whole milk which I always request and they offer to mix half and half with 2%. As a quick side note, I really like whole milk and so I don’t understand why people find the stuff too rich… infact I find that 2% barely has any real milk flavor, and fat free simply tastes disgusting… but I digress…

But I would still go to this store once in a while, not just because the lattes are good, but also because the baristas are friendly… no ‘tude’ here

I also like the really funky graffiti design they have on the wall behind the counter, and on the next wall, loads and loads of posters with the different shows and events going on in Seattle.

Finally, I really like the seating that they have by the windows. these are high tables with a high shelf like seating so that instead of high stools, you’d sit in some fun seating cushions…

They do serve pastries and sandwiches, though I have yet to try any of those… this is simply because I am not really big into munchies when drinking coffee…

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