Adagio Coffee in Sequim

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I was in Sequim a few weeks ago for a weekend excursion and I happened upon this interesting coffee house (and I mean house). From the outside, the place looked like someone’s expensive house and the inside is really nicely decorated with dark mutes colors and wood.

The two baristas were really nice, and one had a really great sense of humor and just that alone would have made me come back again and again for coffee.

Did I say coffee? Ahh… yes the coffee. Since I had just had breakfast I wasn’t really thirsting for a latte, but we were on our way out of town going home, via Port Townsend. Just for tihs reason I wanted to make sure that I at least got to taste the coffee since I knew I wouldn’t be back for a while.

Well I thought the coffee was rather decent. I would certainly go back and buy another cup if I was in the area.

An interesting tit bit about the place. The shop is actually owned by a local farmer whom I hear is a pretty cool dude… I just thought that was rather interesting…

Grand Central Bakery Coffee Cup

Grand Central Bakery Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

A couple of weeks back, went down to the Grand Central Bakery store located on Eastlake for a latte and lunch. What did I have for lunch? It was the Spring Chicken sandwich consisting of chicken breast, diced and tossed
with fresh herbs, local asparagus, mayonnaise, and lemon juice,served with fresh lettuce on Campagnolo, their eight-grain wheat bread (yes I got the ingredients right off their menu. The sandwich was ok, but I am now thinking I could have tried something else like their Italian Grinder or their classic egg salad sandwich.

What I really wanted to try was their latte. The latte wasn’t bad…. but it wasn’t super memorable either. I would certainly buy a latte there but I wouldn’t write home about it… well maybe I’ll write a blog posting on it 😉

Alder Wood Bistro Serves up Amazing Dishes

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You know a restaurant must be really good when you get stopped by a family leaving the restaurant and they proceed to rave about the food for the next 15 minutes. This is what happened to me when I went to Alder Wood Bistro a couple of weeks ago. The dad, the mom and their daughter and son-in-law just couldn’t stop talking about how great the food was. And they were not the only ones. This place had actually been recommended to us by a number of people in Sequim so we knew it was going to be a great culinary experience.

Alder Wood Bistro is owned by a husband and wife team, Gabriel and Jessica. The restaurant is in a quiet residential area (only about 3 or 4 blocks from the main street), a house that was converted into a restaurant with inside and outside seating. Although the outside looked warm and comfortable, my wife and I decided to sit inside.

The The staff was great and friendly. We were served by Jessica who was really awesome and gave us (at our request) the history of the restaurant.

Dinner was great, I ordered the Grilled Lamb which is described on the menu as “grilled Shepard’s Pride natural lamb with fig-balsamic demi, olives, buttermilk mashed Nash’s potatos, seasonal wood-fired vegetables and fried Nash’s parsnips”. The food was very delicious!

My wife ordered of the special’s which was the Alder Planked Salmon which was a wood-fired fresh Salmon, “Lazy J’s fingerling potatoes and seasonal wood-fired vegetables”. This was also great.

For dessert we had a rhubarb cobbler and ice cream. That choice was decent but not supper memorable.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and next time I find myself in Sequim, I will certainly go back there for dinner

Caffe Umbria Coffee at DeLaurenti

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Caffe Umbria is a Seattle based coffee roasting company that traces its roots back to Perugia Italy. Their logo, the Arco Etrusco is actually a famous landmark in that Umbrian city.

I normally get a latte from DeLaurenti, a really wonderful Italian store down at Pike Place Market. As an aside, DeLaurenti has a lot of great food products including wines and cheeses that you wouldn’t normally find in your average everyday supermarket.

Back to coffee… Caffe Umbria is a great roast and they baristas at DeLaurenti make great lattes. What I really like about the place to is that even if you ask for a paper cup as I always do, they will service you your paper cup latte on a little saucer and a stirring spoon. I really like that added touch because I hate those little bits of totally useless wooden sticks or tiny straws that you’ll find in most coffee shops which they put there for patrons to stir their drinks with…

I believe you can also get Caffe Umbria coffee down in Pioneer Square… I’m not exactly sure where the store is but I have an idea. I’ll check it out and get back to you all 🙂

Kells, The Irish Restaurant

Kells, The Irish Restaurant, originally uploaded by andai.

Kells, the Irish restaurant down in Post Alley at Pike Place Market is a pretty nice pubby restaurant… actually I don’t really know why they don’t just call it a pub. Anyway they have a nice darkish atmosphere that like… well… a pub but the one thing I really like about this place is that they have great sausage rolls.

Now their sausage rolls don’t compare to the Oven Door Bakery that I used to go to in Westlands (a suburb of Nairobi) but they are still pretty good… and a pretty good size! These are interesting too in that they come with a nice rich gravy. The downside is they are not quite large enough to fill you completely busting to the seams, but are large enough that if you did order a second one, you probably would not be able to finish it.

I highly recommend the place though…

This Past Week Was Just Really Weird…


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… I hope that the coming week will be better. Yes I know that my troubles are minuscule compared to most around the world yet its the selfish in me that really feels not quite at ease.

Especially since I really feel disconnected and struggling somewhat with my faith. I need to start listening to the Word, and reading my bible and asking the Lord to help my unbelief.

The Cherry Street Coffee House

Cherry Street Coffee House, originally uploaded by andai.

Although I had known about and once been to the Cherry Street Coffee House up in the Belltown section on 1st Avenue, it wasn’t until recently that I actually really tried their coffee at their other store, also on 1st avenue but a couple of blocks south of the Seattle Art Meuseum.

Overall I’d say that their cofffee is actually pretty decent even though they don’t have whole milk which I always request and they offer to mix half and half with 2%. As a quick side note, I really like whole milk and so I don’t understand why people find the stuff too rich… infact I find that 2% barely has any real milk flavor, and fat free simply tastes disgusting… but I digress…

But I would still go to this store once in a while, not just because the lattes are good, but also because the baristas are friendly… no ‘tude’ here

I also like the really funky graffiti design they have on the wall behind the counter, and on the next wall, loads and loads of posters with the different shows and events going on in Seattle.

Finally, I really like the seating that they have by the windows. these are high tables with a high shelf like seating so that instead of high stools, you’d sit in some fun seating cushions…

They do serve pastries and sandwiches, though I have yet to try any of those… this is simply because I am not really big into munchies when drinking coffee…

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