Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown, originally uploaded by andai.

I first heard of Stumptown last year while I was in Portland for a meeting. We had heard that there was at least two Stumptown coffee shops in the Portland area but and they were also going to be opening a store on Capital Hill in Seattle. Well they actually opened two. The first is on Capital Hill, where there used to be a ‘gothic’ style coffee shop called Aurafice Internet & Coffee (never actually got to try the coffee there). The second is right by the main drag on the north end of Seattle University, right by Cafe Press. I really do prefer this one due to its unorthodox seating arrangement where you have two almost pew like long seats facing each other and little tables for patrons to place their cups and pastries. I would have to go hang out there for a while to see actually how comfortable the seats are.

The coffee? I would say its actually pretty good and I would certainly go there more often if I had the time. ‘Tude’? I don’t think so. So far, my experiences both in the Seattle and in the Portland stores have actually been good. They even let me take pictures of their custom made “La Marzocco” espresso machine which I have to admit is the coolest one I have ever seen…

I’d say, go check them out for sure…

Pioneer Coffee Shop and Drive-thru

Pioneer Coffee Drive-thru, originally uploaded by andai.

This is one of the more unique coffee shops in the not only does it look different, but its uniqueness actually works! The Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company’s Shop located in Ellensburg, Washington, is in an old gas station that was turned into a coffee shop. What I like about this is that they didn’t take out the gas pumps so if you were casually driving by without really paying attention, you may actually think this was a pretty gas station.

They actually have some good coffee. When I was there last, I was served by a barista who happened to be an Eastern Washington University student. She was little more mature (in manner not in age), friendly and good customer service and made me a good latte. When she found out I liked to take coffee pictures, she made me a cute rosetta

The inside of the shop is rather tiny. They have tables and chairs set outside for people to enjoy their coffee and some sun… which they probably get plenty of being that this is in Eastern Washington.

Bauhaus Books and Coffee…

Bauhaus Books + Coffee, Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

Was the first coffee shop I used to frequent on Capital Hill. It quickly became my favorite hang out place…

Pegasus Coffee House

Pegasus Coffee Cup, originally uploaded by andai.

The Pegasus Coffee House is a quaint little coffee shop located downtown Winslow, right by the marina on Bainbridge Island, where I’ve gotten a decent latte on both occasions I visited. I was last there yesterday.

Having been there before, I needed to go back and get a paper cup for my collection. And since they actually do a decent cup of coffee and I needed to get my daily espresso ration. The baristas were pleasant and make visitors and patrons alike feel welcome, though I have also read some complaints on Yelp! about some of the baristas there who have a bit of attitude. But I think that’s the way it is with indie coffee unlike Seattle local coffee giant where the friendliness at times can seem a little much…

The coffee shop itself is an old red brick building that is covered in some sort of wall climbing plant. I don’t know the name, but I’m sure its not Poison Ivy…

A Menu For A Copper King

“A Menu for a Copper King” is the title of the featured menu at The Herbfarm Restaurant for Saturday, May 17th. As you probably can guess, Copper River Salmon was to be on the menu, hence the title.

I have heard so much about this place, so you can imagine I was really excited to check out. But to be honest, I don’t know if I would really want to go back there again… even of someone else was picking up the tab. Its not that the food was horrible or anything like that, in fact some of the dishes were great. Others I think were ok. But just the fact that they really emphasis herbs in their meals really got me thinking about how the proper herbs can really make a world of difference to any meal I think made the visit there worthwhile. Its just that we got there at 6:00 PM, and the meal ended at Midnight… 6 hours is a long time to be at a restaurant!

Top Pot! Ok Coffee, Great Doughnuts!

Top Pot!, originally uploaded by andai.

These guys, Top Pot Doughnuts, make some pretty decent coffee though they are actually better known for making really good doughnuts. Now some folks will swear upon Mighty ‘O’ donuts, others will even go for Krispy Kreams (don’t even get me started) but honestly, I think Top Pot Donuts are probably the best donuts you can by in Seattle.

That being said, I personally think their doughnuts are too sweet so I can’t really eat more than one at a sitting without the danger of getting rather nauseous.

I like their original store, on Summit Ave, Capital Hill. It has the old, almost musty look and feel about it. Kind of similar to Bauhaus Coffee, also on Capital Hill with wall to ceiling bookshelves on the two sides of the shop. In the summer, when the sun is out and the trees are green, Top Pot is a great place to hang out and enjoy a drink and a doughnut…

Port Townsend’s Boiler Room Coffee

The Boilder Room Coffee in Port Townsend
The Boilder Room Coffee in Port Townsend

The Boiler Room coffee is located along the main street in Port Townsend. I ventured in there just to checkout the place… a rather interesting place I might say but not my typical hangout. The reason being that is a joint suited more for teens.

When I was there, the coffee was ok, but nothing really to write home about. But I think the interior was also rather interesting too, typical indie ‘we don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive but pointless interior decor’ coffeehouse type of design. It certainly had a bent to it that the emo/goth/free spirit type of teens would love..

Anyway, not too much to say about the place, but its probably worth checking out just to get a feel of one side of Port Townsend culture.

Crumpets and Tea Anybody?

Crumpets and Tea Anybody?, originally uploaded by andai.

Went down to The Crumpet Shop by Pike Place Market crumpets and tea coffee. I ended up ordering the egg and tomato crumpet which turned out to be very tasty. I should have ordered a second one so that I could leave there pretty full but I decided not to.

The latte I ordered was ok, nothing spectacular. I probably would not go there for lattes considering there are at least two places within two blocks that have really good coffee. In retrospect, being that the place is ‘British’, I should have ordered their tea instead. That’s what I will go for when I go back for crumpets

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