Sadness… Yet Hopefull…

I think more and more of us have come to realize that our leaders really do not look out for the good of the country and the people who elected them into office, they only look out for themselves. Their only thoughts are how can they continue stay in power, how can they make as much money as possible and how can they rule with impunity…

To be honest, I wonder how leaders past, those who stole, killed, looted, from their follow countrymen and the treasury, felt when they died and came into the next reality. I really believe there is more to life than just life. What I mean is that when we die, our souls don’t just go ‘poof’ but enter into the next reality. For the believer, that reality ultimately means heaven or hell (or more accurately, the lake of fire). So where am I going with this you ask? I wonder if these leaders in their passing away, suddenly wake up in the reality called Hades, and the first words out of their mouths is ‘doh!’ Suddenly they wake up in a reality where they have nothing. None of the money they stole, none of the power they welded, none of the assurance that they answer to no one… but they wake up knowing that they are doomed… and there is nothing they can do about it. Certainly no make over…

For me as a believer, and despite all this stuff that’s going on not just in my country of Kenya, not just what’s happening in Africa and in many parts of the world, my only consolation is that for those who suffer, and are in Christ, death is truly liberating and those who love wickedness will certainly face the Judge and account for all they have done… and not done (if you were a leader)…

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