Kenyans Seeking Refuge Die as Mob Burns Church

A Kenyan man leads his children away from his neighborhood as he flees violence during disturbances in the streets of the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 35 children and adults sheltering in a church were burnt alive by an angry mob in Kenya Tuesday, as an eruption of election violence threatened to tip over into a full-scale tribal conflict. (AFP/Tony Karumba)
Source: Yahoo News.

The Kenyan and the International news agencies and others are reporting that a mob targeted and set fire to a church where over 200 innocent Kenyans including women and children were seeking shelter from the violence that started in the wake of the flawed election results. At least 35 Kenyans died in that fire. These thuggish mobs who have been looting, robbing and burning houses and businesses belonging Kenyans, mostly of the Kikuyu tribe.

This attack on innocents, especially those seeking shelter in a church, is a new low in Kenyan violence… honestly, this is a new low.

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