Your Soul is Eternal!

I was listening to a sermon titled “The Millennium and More” by Pastor Ken Ortize from Calvary Chapel Spokane. On Thursday evenings, he leads a bible study where he covers a book from either the old or new Testament, going verse by verse till he finishes the book. The past number of months he has been going through the book of Revelation, and I just finished listen to his teachings on Revelation 20:1-6. There are a number of points he made that really struck me, but none more than when he pointed out the fact that the soul is eternal.

Now if you sit down and really think about this, it is a very significant point. Why? Because this would mean that when you die, that is simply a physical death. You physical body is no more, but your soul remains… And if your soul remains, then it must go somewhere… where you ask? Well, if you are a bible believing Christian, then your soul will end up in one of only two places… heaven or eternal damnation….

My brother passed away almost two weeks ago. The impact of his death was much greater on me than my mom’s passing away almost ten years ago so two significant reason. The first being that me and my brother were less than a year apart in age and now its weird to think that I have actually lived a longer life than my brother. I still feel ‘young’, but…

The second and even bigger reason this death has hit me is because I believe there is an afterlife and I don’t know where he is. My mother was a born again Christian when she died, so I really don’t worry about her, but with my brother it’s different. Hence I am fearful for him. And for this reason, I have been thinking about death much more in the past couple of weeks than I have in the past. I also feel that his death puts more perspective to the way I am living my life and what that will mean in the end. It’s really hard for me to imagine that he is gone, yet it also reminds me how none of us really know when our time will come. We think we do and we can prepare for it, but we really don’t know when the Lord decides our time is up… Jesus told an interesting parable in Luke 12:16-21 that really in some way reminded me of this.

So this comes back to the question that I have always tried to get clarification on, that is, what happens to the soul when one dies? Well as a bible believing Christian, I believe that you either end up in heaven (that is paradise), or you end up in hell as you wait for judgment day. On judgment day, you will face what is known as the great white throne judgment where you are not so much facing a hearing and deliberation but more like your sentencing. I will talk more about this in a couple of the next posts or so…

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