Bloggin… What Am I To Do?

Lady B, originally uploaded by andai.

One problem I have been having with my blogs is that I feel that I post some pretty heavy stuff there, then at the same time I post stuff that is more light hearted and in some cases rather trivial. I don’t know if that makes for a good blog or not… Maybe some may be interested in the light stuff but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the heavier stuff…

For this main reason, I have been feeling for a while now that maybe I should be keeping my blogs a little better segmented with regards to the subject matter. So I have decided, that I will revive this blog, and use it to post the more light hearted content.

As such, my posts here will revolve mostly around the arts. I will be posting more about my photos, music, artwork, travel and general observations that would include my Christian faith…

I think this should work out better…. but I have to think about it more…

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