First Set of Basic PHP Templates Completed

I am done with the initial base templates I plan to use.

Currently the templates are straight XHTML and CSS but I will have to incorporate some PHP code in them. However before I can do this, I must first turn my attention back to the PHP classes that I had started developing.

The plan now is to finish the base Web Engine PHP class that will at least call and display the templates, after which I will then derive a child class that will have the needed logic to call the right templates and input the right content. At the same time, I am also developing my PHP Template Handler class that will handle all template information, links and all that.  I could also create a template class that would hold individual template file information, but that may be overkill… this is something to think about later.

But the reason why I am deriving the Web Engine PHP class is to make the class flexible so that with minimal code I can create customized versions for different types of websites if I need to. But this may not be necessary… it will depend on how I decide to approach the site.. and also on the underlying database design and content…

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