Africa’s Wars’ Africa’s Loss

The BBC is reporting on research conducted by Oxfam that concludes that over a period of about 15 years, Africa has lost about $300 billion worth of development due to conflict. This is the same amount of aid that Africa received over the same period. What is also rather astounding is that over this period, 23 African countries have been involved in conflict. That is a rather high number!

And what are Africans fighting about? Who knows? With their tribal and clan affiliations, weird pagan, traditional religious practices… or should I say witchcraft… land, resources to plunder… I am really wondering if there is ever going to be any hope for Africa in joining the rest of the civilized world.

To be sure, there are pockets of peace and ‘prosperity’ so I don’t want to completely generalize. But far too many African states, failed states and that, are in conflict that goes on for years and in reality benefits no one.

The other sad aspect of this is that you’ll often hear racists talk about Africans as beasts and animals. It becomes pointless arguing with people of such mindset when all they have to do is point to the news media whenever there is news about Africa… Yes it is true that you barely hear any of the good news because the media has plenty of bad to talk about. As a side note, this is one of the reasons I like the BBC, at least they tend to cover some of the good too… but I digress. Anyway as I was saying, even when you read the business magazines, the travel magazines, the pop culture magazines, Africa is barely mentioned relative event to Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America…

My whole point is this… Africans need to learn first, the meaning of dignity. We need humility and respect! We also need to drop the ‘beggar’, ‘hands held out waiting for handouts’, victim of circumstances mentality that we have adopted with gusto! We need to learn from the Asians, the meaning of family values, education and hard work. Finally we need to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. And I must say that there are such Africans out there, but I also believe that a large number, especially men, are simply helpless and hopeless.

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