No Reservations in Hong Kong

The Approaching Rain, originally uploaded by andai.


Just checked out Anthony Bourdains’ No Reservations Hong Kong…

This episode so far is the best of all his shows. Makes me want to go back to Hong Kong and check it out better than the last time I was there. maybe sometime next year I’ll go back… Must go meet the guy who makes the home made Chinese noodles… the last of a dying art form…

The Lesson of Iphigenia in Tauris


“Scythians, return my idols to the Greeks. You have desecrated my altar and dishonored my temple”

The above quote, by Diana, the Greek goddess, is from the opera, ‘Iphigenia in Tauris’ (Iphigenie en Tauride) which I’ve just got back from watching.

This was a rather interesting opera to me.

On one hand it was really sad and powerful, beautiful music and really powerful acting to portray a life that was basically hard and hopeless. On the other hand, there’s a lot of interesting references with the Greek religion and superstitions. What struck me about this production was how the Greeks and the Scythians lives were basically ruled by superstition and myth and as a result lots of blood sacrifices were demanded to appease the Greek and Scythians gods to help alleviate daily life that was simply hard.

Yet at the same time the opera makes me think. Granted, the Greeks, the Scythians and just about all these other ancient civilizations practiced false religious practices, at least they tended to try to appease their false gods. I wonder why many Christians today, including myself, don’t live our lives where we try to follow God’s will and integrate this desire in our daily lives…. I wonder why…


Blue and Gold Eyed White Cat, originally uploaded by andai.

How is it that animals are capable of such love…. and humans are capable of such hate… and degeneracy…

First Set of Basic PHP Templates Completed

I am done with the initial base templates I plan to use.

Currently the templates are straight XHTML and CSS but I will have to incorporate some PHP code in them. However before I can do this, I must first turn my attention back to the PHP classes that I had started developing.

The plan now is to finish the base Web Engine PHP class that will at least call and display the templates, after which I will then derive a child class that will have the needed logic to call the right templates and input the right content. At the same time, I am also developing my PHP Template Handler class that will handle all template information, links and all that.  I could also create a template class that would hold individual template file information, but that may be overkill… this is something to think about later.

But the reason why I am deriving the Web Engine PHP class is to make the class flexible so that with minimal code I can create customized versions for different types of websites if I need to. But this may not be necessary… it will depend on how I decide to approach the site.. and also on the underlying database design and content…

Bloggin… What Am I To Do?

Lady B, originally uploaded by andai.

One problem I have been having with my blogs is that I feel that I post some pretty heavy stuff there, then at the same time I post stuff that is more light hearted and in some cases rather trivial. I don’t know if that makes for a good blog or not… Maybe some may be interested in the light stuff but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the heavier stuff…

For this main reason, I have been feeling for a while now that maybe I should be keeping my blogs a little better segmented with regards to the subject matter. So I have decided, that I will revive this blog, and use it to post the more light hearted content.

As such, my posts here will revolve mostly around the arts. I will be posting more about my photos, music, artwork, travel and general observations that would include my Christian faith…

I think this should work out better…. but I have to think about it more…

Tech Giants, Please Tear Down Those Walls!

The Times Online has a great articles on big three technology companies, Apple, MySpace and Nokia, and their decisions to open up their web platforms and allow other parties develop services that leverage their platforms.

This decision is long over due. In this day and age, I find it amazing that many of these large internet and telecoms companies are still stuck in the mindset that they need to close and protect their web platforms, and develop all the services in-house. Another example are phone companies that refuse to allow third parties access to the customers and instead prefer to provide all content themselves.

This is a bad idea in many aspects. The biggest reason though is that there is absolutely no way the companies can come up with unlimited content and other innovations for their customers. At the same time, customers will continue to demand more and more from these sites, and eventually, if they don’t get what they want, they will simply abandon these sites for those that offer what they want.

Take the example of Firefox browser. The fact that the developers allow user to build and install their own extensions and add-ins makes Firefox a very powerful browser. And this fact alone make Firefox a very compelling browser for me to use. I have downloaded a large number of extensions that I use often and makes my browser experience much more enjoyable and efficient. If I don’t like the way my browser looks, I simply install a more appealing theme. I really don’t like IE7. I think its really ugly and not very extensible. Yet there are some websites that require the use of IE. The funny thing here is that there is a Firefox add-in that allows me to open web pages in IE within the Firefox browser.

In the same way, and even more so, I do believe that many of these tech companies, that target mass customers need to have the same sort of mindset if they want to continue to grow and attract new customers.

They need to tear down the walled gardens they have maintained and open up to third party developers and other companies…

South Africa Wins 2007 Rugby Union World Cup

Congratulations to South Africa’s Sprinkboks, on their 15-6 victory over England in the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup

Lucky Dube Shot Dead by Thugs

Once again, another completely senseless crime has taken place. Lucky Dube was shot dead, right infront of his son, by carjackers in South Africa.

It is these sort of incidences that makes one wonder, what sort of mindset make a person kill, or should I say murder another for a car, or for any other material good for that matter. And these murderers I think are really stupid. One thing they cannot avoid is the fact that they will age (if they don’t die prematurely). When they are in their old age, what are they really going to reflect on when they look back on their lives? Are they going to look back and think about all the people they robbed, assaulted, raped, murdered? Are they going to feel any remorse? And do they ever think about what happens when they will finally die and have to face the Lord to answer for all they did while they were here on earth?…

My condolences go out to the family and friends of Lucky Dube on his tragic death

Africans Are Less Intelligent Than Whites… Apparently…

Wow! News flash! Apparently Dr. James Watson, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, and head of one of America’s leading scientific research institutions, has now come to the conclusion that Africans are less intelligent than whites. Darwin must be dancing the jig in his grave ….

Its funny how the more things change, the more things remain the same….

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