Toiletless men arrested in Uganda

“It’s lamentable that while the Americans and the Europeans are visiting the moon and are about to reach the sun, in this part of Africa I am busy hunting for people who claim they don’t have the time and the technology for making simple pit latrines,” Tororo District Chairman Emmanuel Osuna said.

A funny story in a way, but I completely support the actions taken by the Ugandan government in this case. To be honest with you, I don’t this poverty is any excuse for being filthy and behaving like animals. This is a matter of basic hygiene. If these lame men cannot dig a proper latrine to do their business in, and end up doing it in the bushes, then just thinking about the potential for spreading disease in the area will certainly cost that community…

Anyway I really wish Africans and their local governments could do something to at least ensure that Africans, especially those who live in slums at the very least live in a clean environment… but then again, does Africa even have real leaders who are willing to help the very communities that elected them into office to help improve their lives and well being??

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